Achieve a healthier lifestyle

There is no question that weight is a marker of health. But it is certainly not the only one. And focussing solely on a number on the scales can be counter-productive to making steps to a healthier lifestyle. Thinking that adjusting your weight to improve your health can vastly over-simplify a complex web of issues that all interact and contribute to your overall mental and physical health.

It is important to identify your own health goals: What is important to you? What would you like to feel like in the coming weeks, and longer term? How does a “healthier lifestyle” look and feel like to you? What are you hoping to achieve by working with a dietitian?

When you can identify answers to these types of questions, the path to working towards your goals becomes clearer.

Mandy likes to work with you, now for you, to find measures that are realistic for you, achievable for you and appropriate for you, that will help you to achieve your goals.

Create health habits, not restrictions.